Surprising Christian Marriages

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Author Dr. William Petersen wrote in an entertaining narrative style, a series of books, originally published by Tyndale House, with titles such as Martin Luther Had A Wife and C.S. Lewis Had A Wife etc.

These stories are rich food for insight into our own marriages.

Each CD has three stories on it:

Charles & Susie Spurgeon
John & Molly Wesley
Jonathan & Sarah Edwards

These stories emphasize family backgrounds, courtships, early adjustments, family relationships and the blending of strong personalities. They are timeless and universal.

As you listen to these stories you will realize that no one set pattern for marriage makes a marriage work.

(Excerpts from Dr. William Petersen's notes) These fascinating stories reveal that the marriages of many Christian leaders were anything but dull. The dynamic personalities of great leaders mixed with difficult circumstances and sacrifices of their vocation made for many surprises.

Whether the marriages were solid or shaky, they all hold valuable lessons for dealing with such universal issues like financial worries, temptation, separation and personality differences.

These stories are rich food for insight into our own marriages. You may think they have exemplary marriages, and that the Lord has chosen these Christian leaders because they are the models of virtue and victory at home. The fact is, they struggle to make their marriages what they should be, just like the rest of us do. When it comes to marriage these wonderful people are mortals just like us. Actually, for them, because their lives are lived in the limelight, there is often greater stress.

As you read (or hear) about these marriages, I hope you will receive some insight into your own marriage, for it is easier to get insight into your own problems when you see them in the lives of others. And that is my prayer, that your own marriage will be strengthened as you take a close look at the marriages of others.

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